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Let me turn your old pictures into digital images!



photo keepsakes

Photo Keepsake Backup Package #1

$2.50 each picture

~ 1-30 of your pictures scanned

~receive a flash drive with all digital images

Photo Keepsake Backup Package #2

$2.25 each picture

~ 31-60 of your pictures scanned

~receive a flash drive with all digital pictures

If you don't see a package that best fits, please contact me! For all other inquiries, or if you would like more pictures scanned to treasure, send me a message, & I will get back to you with a quote!

* turn around time depends on amount of pictures you want scanned -----> digital file* 


online scrap booking advice

I have been online scrapbooking since my freshman year of high school. Every year, I would start a book at the beginning of the school year, and the last page of the book was the last day of summer before the new school year began. 

My favorite website is, because it gives you the ability to customize your scrapbook as much as you would like! Every scrapbook I make, I make it from scratch...I spend the whole year working on it. It is so rewarding to get the scrapbook in the mail! The good thing is...if something ever happened to the scrapbook that I ordered, I can always go on my account & order it again. 

If you ever have any question about online scrap booking, where to start, or how to organize your pages, I'm your girl! Head over to my contact page & send me a message!

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